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  • Secure data transmission with SSL

    We encrypt your information (128 bit) encrypted before it is sent to our server. Thereby, it is not possible unauthorized persons to listen to the transmitted data.

  • Data encryption

    We place your information is encrypted in our database from (mcrypt AES 256) to protect them on our servers.

  • Two-factor authentication

    For maximum security you can enable a Two-factor authentication.

  • Minimal personal information

    We only need minimal personal information (Emailaddress and password).

  • PDF attachments

    You can attach a PDF file that we save it in a private folder.

  • Intelligent estate management system

    We check in selectable intervals you specify whether you are still alive and, if necessary, inform your desired executors.

  • Automatic Account deletion

    After sending your last will, we will delete your account and all your stored data.