The intention of DINALA is to offer you an easy to use system where you can store your important data secure and encrypted.

You can do so by following 4 easy steps:

  • Sign up for a free account

    When you register you only have to enter your emailaddress

  • Verify your email address

    Follow the instructions in the account activation email

  • Make some basic account settings

    Set your password, choose two-factor authenification for high security and set the reminder interval for the verification emails to let DINALA now if you still alive.

  • Begin to organize your dataset

    You can add a break up note, which could be a hint where to find your local master password for example and important information about your Facebook Account, Apple ID, Bitcoin Wallets, Local Devices, etc. and save them encrypted in our database. You can attach a PDF as well.

We suggest to do anything without a password and to encrypt your PDF attachment before upload!