Personal digital estate planing

The digital holding of a person consists of data that is stored on the Internet for the most part. For third parties it is almost impossible to access these various Internet platforms without the knowledge of the online directory of services and the associated user name, email address and password used.

Cloud service providers offer you to store e „typo-audio-visual files“ such as pictures, videos, music, dokuments etc. A variety of social network providers in addition to personal websites, blogs, forums and e-commerce accounts are part of everyday life today.

Regularity in place of scattered data tracks

We help your surviving dependent to organize your digital estate with dignity. We offer you the opportunity to list your accounts at Dinala and send them to your registered contacts in the event of your death. Leave also a final message to be posted on your behalf on your social networks.

Enable a reduction in workload for your family or friends in an already difficult time of grief.

Dinala offers you the possibility to store a PDF attachment which will also be send to your estate caretaker in the event of death.

We send your last will automaticly

As a registered user you have the option to store important informations about Internet services and local data used by you. We send automatic reminders to verify that you are still alive. After the fifth email without reply we think you passed away and delete your account with all data after sending it to your caretaker.


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